Dana (Terry) Coleman





W.D and Ola Terry                                                                                 Dana Terry, Lana and Andy Ewing



Rebecca Fenton


Dana:  (on Movie Clip of Grandma Fenton, Elijah Fenton and sister, Dana, Lana, Andy) “This was taken in Coleman, TX around 1956.  The 1st lady I believe is PawPaw's sister, I dont remember her name but she is the one that Grandma Fenton (the lady sitting in bed) lived with.  Grandma Fenton (I dont remember her gven name either) was always in her bed holding "court/throne" and when anyone went to visit they were ushered into her "court/throne room" to sit and visit.   The next person is PawPaw (Elijah Fenton), her son. The three on the sofa are in order of appereance, me (Dany Zane Terry), Lana Jo Ewing and Andy Carl Ewing.  It appears Andy is around two and we are in our Easter garb so I am guessing it was taken around April 1956."




Richard Carroll


Sherry and Gary



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